Who We Are

The AgileBPM Team have been around the market place in Australia for some total 35 accumulated years. Each of the team members have been engaged in various small-medium to large scale projects in the Business process management segment and have gone through various platforms and their benefits and short comings along the way. We have seen, gone through the peaks and troughs of most life cycles when it comes to Workflows, Business process design, change management and integration. Below are our key services we can deliver to you.


  • Workflow BPM design & processing consultation
  • E-forms User Centric Design & Interface
  • Process Centric Design & Interface
  • Project Management of Workflow/BPM
  • Configuration Management of systems
  • Support and Services

We welcome discussing with you, how we can assist with your current and future projects


The AgileBPM team has been engaging with several vertical industries in the Workflow Business process management space. In that time we have worked and consulted in  service to service workflow process management approach for integration,human centric workflow processes,a combination of the both and a myriad of other projects and mixes of BPM flavours.

We have had extensive experience in banking, insurance, gaming , government to name a few our team has been involved with. We have developed very complicated and sophisticated human centric flows that embrace complex validation rules for the front end and enabling and extending base components where needed to satisfy back end legacy system needs.

We have also been engaged in a global banking client that enabled complex internal service-service workflow and business processes related to internal banking requirements that reached out to the global side of their banking needs. We have also been engaged in one of the largest gaming companies in past times in relation to full rostering and attendance systems globally and connect back to ERP related systems.

We are looking to expand our skills and talents to embrace the full evolution of the Internet of Things with disruptive platforms like AgilePoint to enable us to more cost effectively get things done and allow our client as much autonomy as can be done to drive their own digital experience in the Internet. We would welcome discussing your wants and needs to work through how we could effectivly delivery your requirement at the lower price and time that we can do with AgilePoint.